TEX·COTE® makes a full line of products and application systems to make sure you’re covered—from roof to walls to everything in between. And to make sure you find the product that’s right for your application, just talk to one of the knowledgeable TEX·COTE® experts at Newspray—or fill in the form on the left for a fast, free, no-obligation estimate.

TEX·COTE® COOLWALL®: Heat-reflective, water-based exterior coating can lower energy usage by up to 21.9%* and provides long-lasting colors and long-term protection

  • Meets GS-11 Green Seal requirements
  • Mildew and dirt resistant
  • Salt spray and water resistant
  • Highly breathable

TEX·COTE® REFLECT-TEC™: High performance roof coating system withstands harshest climates and offers high solar reflectivity to keep metal and tile roofs cooler

  • Advanced resin system
  • Wide range of heat-reflective, fade-resistant colors
  • Mildew and dirt resistant
  • Rain, wind, ice and snow resistant
  • Flexible and breathable film

Line of exterior finishes designed to be applied over TEX·COTE® and other coating products

  • TEX·COTE® CLEAR-GUARD™ is an advanced water-based polyurethane coating system
  • TEX·COTE® Color Cote is used for color changes, banding and freshening

We also offer

  • WASH-GUARD™ car-wash coating systems
  • Concrete floor and deck coatings
  • Primers, block fillers and patching compounds


*Percentage of cooling cost will vary based on color, geographical location, climate conditions and substrate type. In some climates, there may be a heating penalty. For more information, visit www.texcote.com.