Never Paint Your House Again

Our product has the exact appearance of fresh paint and the longevity of vinyl or steel siding—and is priced in between. Reflective pigments in Newspray coatings reduce the surface temperature up to 40°F resulting in lower cooling costs in summertime, and they reflect ultraviolet rays to prevent fading. Applied in three coats, the TEX·COTE® COOLWALL® coating system is ten times thicker than paint, but its flexibility prevents cracking and its vapor permeability allows the house to “breathe.” Preparation of the surface is extensive and includes pressure washing, caulking of every joint, replacement of all damaged or rotted wood, and masking of all surfaces not to be coated. A lifetime product warranty is provided by the factory and a 2-year installation warranty is included from Newspray. TEX·COTE® COOLWALL® coatings meet or exceed every EPA requirement for VOC content and are completely safe around children and pets. Newspray coatings are available in any color desired, and there is no charge for extra colors.