Commercially Proven

TEX·COTE® exterior coating products are protecting and beautifying buildings, bridges, ships and other commercial structures all around the world. And after 50 years of research and development, the technologies behind TEX·COTE® products—as well as the application systems—are second to none.

As the only dealer/installer of TEX·COTE® in North Texas, we at Newspray are uniquely qualified to handle any commercial project, small or large (or extra-large). But that’s just one of the many reasons working with Newspray is a smart business decision.

  • Long-term savings on maintenance
  • Immediate and ongoing savings on energy costs
  • Reduces building stress due to “heat island” effect
  • Available in almost any color, including all dark colors
  • Maintains a “freshly painted” appearance
  • Adds value to any building or structure
  • Helps you meet today’s environmental “green” standards