Welcome to Newspray

The craftspeople at Newspray, a Texas Home Improvement company, are experts at protecting and beautifying your house, commercial building or almost anything else. We’re also the only North Texas dealer/installer of exterior coating products by TEX·COTE® (Textured Coatings of America), so we’re able to do things other companies simply can’t.

TEX·COTE® products aren’t paint, although they’ll give you a “freshly painted” appearance for decades. They’re the smart alternative to paint, vinyl siding—even metal siding. TEX·COTE® is ten times thicker than paint, is impervious to moisture, contains special reflective pigments that can lower surface temperatures by as much as 40°F* (compared to traditional paints and coatings)—and nearly eliminates fading.

Protect your investment. Save time and money. Keep it beautiful for life.

*Surface temperature reductions will vary based on color, geographical location, climate conditions and substrate type. In some climates, there may be a heating penalty. For more information, visit www.texcote.com.